As a CEO, Tarrance Bellamy specializes in meeting the needs of small business owners both individually and within the company. Tarrance loves to give business owners and self-employed persons peace of mind about their direction and their financial futures. Tarrance Bellamy is a business consultant who thrives on helping small businesses succeed. He has worked with businesses ranging from Sports and Entertainment, Interior Design to Non-profits on projects such as business organization, training class planning and events such as Artscape Baltimore Maryland.

Mr. Bellamy is also an avid speaker and trainer as well as a Certified Results Coach. He works with individuals and teams who want to reach huge goals within a single year. Through effective goal setting, tools for focus and motivation, and continuous coaching support, Tarrance helps you break through to get to the next level – empowering you to be a leader in your business as well as your life.

Being a marketing & social media consultant as well as an advocate for small business and entrepreneurship, Tarrance Bellamy works with business owners and entrepreneurs from all industries all over the world, helping them to understand and make better use of the Internet and all of the publicity opportunities it has to offer. Tarrance has served as mentor and trainer to hundreds of entrepreneurs.


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